LADOT State White Pigment Cure 5 Gal

Manufacturer: W R Meadows of Texas
  • Coverage: Approximately 200 sf per gallon

  • When properly applied provides a premium grade film which optimizes water retention

  • Furnished as a ready to use, true water-based compound

  • Produces hard, dense concrete…minimizes hair cracking, thermal cracking, dusting and other defects

  • Offers a compressive strength significantly greater than improperly or uncured concrete

  • Applies quickly and easily with conventional commercial spray equipment

$7.02 / GL

This series of water-based, white pigmented curing compound has wax based dispersions with selected white pigments.  When properly applied forms a premiun grade membrande which optimizes water retention.  The wihte pigment reflects the sun's rays to help keep the concrete surface cooler and prevent heat buildup.

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