Shep Rock Cement 50# Pail

Manufacturer: Lyons Manufacturing, Inc
  • 5,000 PSI in one hour

  • 10,000 PSI in one day

  • 35,000 PSI pullout strength

  • Fast Setting, Non-Shrink, Non-Metallic

  • Self-Leveling When Mixing to Pourable Consistency

  • Controlled Expansion

  • Anchors by expansion

  • Meets ASTM 1107 Grade C

  • Meets CRD 621

$50.84 / PL

Shep-Rock is a scientifically formulated non-metallic pourable anchoring cement and grout.  It is rapid setting and expansive.  Shep-Rock is a non-shrink hydraulic cement with controlled expansion.  It will self-level when mixed with water to a pourable consistency.  Shep-Rock is non-rusting and contains no ferrous metals.  It's controlled expansion grips the material to be anchored, locking it into place.

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