Shep-Crete Sand Mix 40# Bag

Manufacturer: Lyons Manufacturing, Inc

  • Coverage: 40 sq. ft. at 1/8”

  • Featheredges to paper thin

  • Color controlled to blend with concrete

  • Add only water

  • Cures like regular concrete

  • Not a gypsum product

  • Extra rich for easy installation

  • LEED Credits Applicable


$25.42 / EA


Shep Crete is a Portland cement based product with graded silica aggregates and special chemical additives for bonding, hardening and moisture retention. It is formulated for smoothing, rubbing and thin coat patching applications. Shep Crete has a smooth, rich texture making it simple and easy to apply. After curing, it is not water sensitive, it has the setting and curing properties of regular concrete.


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