Sakrete Sand Mix 80# Bag

  • High Strength 5,000 psi

  • Applications 1/2” to 2”

  • Ideal for projects requiring small structural applications

  • Mortar Bed under ceramic tile installations

  • Repairing wide cracks in concrete and masonry

  • Driveways, slabs, patios, walkways

  • Curbs, stairs, ramps, concrete overlays

  • Large masonry crack repairs

  • Filling masonry block cores

$7.06 / BG

Sakrete Sand Mix/Topping & Bedding Mix is a preblended mixture of sand and cementitious materials.  A multi-purpose product designed for a variety of projects.  Sakrete Sand Mix is often referred to as a mortar in many "how to manuals" and various pieces of literature.  Sakrete San Mix is a hight strength mortar and can be used in mortar beds under ceramic tile but is not recommended for laying brick or block.

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