Radius Formwork

Symons Flex Form

The all-steel Flex-Formsystem from Symons provides contractors strength and flexibility. Flex-Form has integral 4" deep vertical stiffeners with 3⁄16" steel skin plate to provide up to a 1,200 psf system.  Flex Form adapts to any radius 5’ and over.  

Flex Form Features & Benefits Image of Symons Flex Form

  • Steel ribs set the radius and bolt to the top and bottom of flexible panels that secure the form in the required radius.
  • Panels conform to the radius of the ribs assuring the correct radius
  • By substituting a straight rib, Flex-Form can be used for straight walls when needed.
  • No “chording” effect in the poured concrete surface.
  • The Flex‑Form system produces smooth concrete surfaces that require minimal finishing labor.
  • There are no expensive templates to build, no floppy panels to handle and no bolts to torque. 
   Symons Flex Form Brochure


RMD Reflex

Reflex is a cost effective formwork system for reinforced concrete curved walls.  It’s galvanized steel frame, high-grade form ply face and innovative design features allow for the setting of all curves efficiently and accurately. 

Flex Form Features & Benefits Image of RMD Reflex

  • Reflex is a pre-assembled, adjustable panel that uses robust turnbuckles so it can be easily and accurately adjusted for the setting of all curves.
  • Its galvanized finish eliminates corrosion, minimizes maintenance and extends the lifetime integrity of the system.
  • Reflex is easily adjusted for re-use at site after site without dismantling, which eliminates the risk of component loss and improves on-site productivity.
  • Reflex has a high-grade form ply face which produces a high quality concrete finish.
  • Reflex panels can be adjusted to form parabolic curves and transition curves from one radius to another.