BASF MasterFlow® 928 Grout


  • Coverage: 0.50 ft³. Per 55 lb. bag

  • Certified for use with potable water

  • Pumpable

  • Can be mixed at a wide range of consistencies

  • Sulfate-resistant for marine, wastewater and other sulfate-containing environments

  • Extended working time

  • Freeze/thaw resistant make it suitable for exterior applications

  • Hardens free of bleeding, segregation, or settlement shrinkage to provide maximum effective bearing area for optimum load transfer

  • Contains high-quality, well-graded quartz aggregate for optimum strength and workability


$32.54 / BG


MasterFlow 928 grout is a hydraulic cement-based mineral aggregate non-shrink grout with extended working time. It is ideally suited for grouting machines or plates requiring precision load-bearing support. It can be placed from fluid to damp pack over a temperature range of 45 to 90° F (7 to 32° C). Meets requirements ASTM C1107 and US Army Corps of Engineers CRD C621 (Grades B and C), at a fluid consistency over a 30 minute working time.


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