BASF MasterEmaco® T 545HT


  • Coverage: One 50lb bag will cover 0.39 ft³

  • T 545HT temperature application ranges from 85 to 100° F

  • Interior and exterior

  • Horizontal and formed vertical overhead repairs

  • Applications requiring high early-strength gain

  • Structural concrete repairs

  • Partial and full-depth repairs

  • Cold temperature repairs

  • Grouting applications such as anchor bolts, rebar, dowel rods and precast applications


$54.55 / BG


MasterEmaco T 545 is a one-component magnesium phosphate-based mortar. Offered in two formulations: T 545 and T545HT based on different temperature requirements. Both products are single component all that is needed is adding water and mixing. Very low drying shrinkage for imporved bond to concrete for repair and anchoring applications.


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