Five Star® High Strength Grout 50 lb. Bag

Manufacturer: Five Star Products Inc

  • Coverage: 0.40 ft³. for every 50lb bag  

  • Ultra-high 1, 7, and 28 day compressive strengths

  • 95% effective bearing area (EBA)

  • Can be poured, wet set or dry packed

  • Permanent support for machinery requiring precision alignment

  • Non-shrink from the time of placement


$69.99 / BG


Five Star® High Strength Grout is the industry’s leading cement-based, non-metallic, non-shrink grout for supporting machinery and applications requiring precision alignment. It is formulated with Air Release technology that combines high performance with the greatest reliability. When tested in accordance with ASTM C 827, Five Star® High Strength Grout exhibits positive expansion and meets the performance requirements of ASTM C 1107-02 Grades A, B and C, ASTM C 1107-07, and CRD-C 621-93 specifications for non-shrink grout over a wide temperature range, 40°F - 90°F (4°C - 32°C).