Euclid Euco Clean & Strip 1's & 5's

Manufacturer: Euclid Chemical
  • Facilitates removal of concrete curing compounds and cure & seals
  • Breaks down grease, oil, dirt stains and rubber tire marks
  • Degreases tools and equipment
  • High Strenggth, concentrated formula
  • Easy to apply - rinses clean with water

Euco Clean & Strip Concrete Floor Stripper is a heavy duty concrete floor cleaner and stripper that is effective at removing curing compounds, oils, grease, most concrete sealers, and other contaminants from concrete floors.  Euco Clean & Strip is formulated with a citrus-based solvent that will not etch concrete like acid based removers.  Euco Clean & Strip is a safer alternative to petroleum and chlorinated solvent based removal products.

 045C 05
Euclid Euco Clean & Strip 5 Gallon Pail
$98.70 / GL

 045C 93
Euclid Euco Clean & Strip 1 Gallon Pail
$91.88 / GL

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