Ardex Ardifix LV Rigid Crack Repair

Manufacturer: Ardex
  • Two-part polyurethane

  • Extremely low viscosity allows for deep penetration

  • Repairs very fine cracks

  • Mix with sand for larger cracks or repairs of spalls and pop-outs

  • Use interior or exterior

  • Ultra-fast setting – starts setting in as little as 2 minutes

  • Put into service in 10 to 15 minutes

  • Grind smooth in 45 minutes

  • 100% solids, no VOC’s, non-flammable

$60.59 / EA

ARDEX ARDIFIX™ is a two-part polyurethane repair compound for cracks, control joints, spalls and pop-outs on interior or exterior applications.  It is ideally suited to seal off cracks and saw-cuts prior to the installation of ARDEX MS™ Moisture Control  Systems, Underlayments and Toppings.  ARDEX ARDIFIX is ultra fast setting allowing the installation to proceed within minutes of application.  ARDEX ARDIFIX is 100% solids for no shrinkage and cures to a rigid hardness.  It also has a wide service temperature range of 0° to 110°F (-17° to 43°C), making it suitable for applications from freezers to warehouses.


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