Pilgrim Anchor Adhesive 52 Cartridge 22 oz.

Manufacturer: Pilgrim Permocoat Inc.
  • No large capital expense

  • Eliminates material waste

  • Quick set

  • Rapid physical properties development

  • Eliminates aerated mix

  • No clean up solvent needed

  • Reduces health hazards

  • Low maintenance

  • Increased productivity

$28.56 / EA

Anchor Adhesive 52 Cartridge is a two-component, high strength, non-sag, fast set, moisture insensitive, epoxy resin adhesive.

Specifically designed for the anchoring of dowels and rebar, Anchor Adhesive 52's ability to rapidly set and quickly gain high physical properties, affords the contracter maximum efficiency.  It is a non-sag adhesive which allows for vertical and horizontal bonding; bonding hardened concrete and other materials to concrete, steel or wood.

Anchor Adhesive 52 is not recommended for overhead anchoring.