Dow® 890-SL Joint Sealant 29 oz Tube

  • One-part, cold applies, self-leveling

  • Can be extruded from -20 to 120°F

  • Flows into irregular joints and does not require tooling

  • Movement capability 100% extension and 50% compression

  • Ultra-low modulus

  • Weather and UV resistant

  • Fuel resistant – short term exposure

  • Unprimed adhesion – primer is not required for Portland cement concrete and asphalt which results in labor and material savings

  • Skin over – typically, the skin over time of one hour or less at standard conditions allowing roadways to quickly be opened to traffic

$29.72 / EA

A one-part, cold applied, easy to use, self leveling silicone material that cures to an ultra-low-modulus silicone rubber upon exposure to atmospheric moisture.  The cured silicone rubber remains flexible over the entire temperature range expected in pavement applications.

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